Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mr. Loopy's (dead) socks & sock redesign

I finished the Sweet Georgia socks for Mr. Loopy a couple of weeks ago. However, he wore them three times and put holes in the heels. Not tiny, fixable holes. We're talking holes that have obliterated the majority of the sock. I don't have pictures yet, as I have been feeling under the weather and when the sun has been shining, I've been at work. Soon though. I can't believe the damage.

I'm working on replacement socks for Mom's 2006 Christmas socks - making them bigger so they'll actually fit. I'm using the Clementine's Baltic Socks pattern, and have added an extra 14 stitches to the stockingette side panels. I've measured and measured again, so I'm pretty sure they'll fit this time. It was my own fault I wasn't paying attention to the size. I'm lucky that I may not have to rip back the first pair - I think I have enough of the original yarn to make a second pair, but if I have to cannibalize the first pair of socks, so be it. :)

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