Friday, July 24, 2009

Rules that matter...

Lately on Ravelry, I've been getting a little irate looking at destash boards (and sometimes the sell or trade stash feature), because of what some people are destashing.

I belong to a sock club. Part of the rules of signing up for this particular club is that the company will not sell the club colour or pattern to the general public for an entire year. Your part of the deal is not to sell or trade club colours outside the club for the same calendar year (ie. the shipment you receive in May, will not be sold until May the following year.) Lately I've been seeing club colours being sold or traded to people outside the club, which in my opinion cheapens the club for everyone else abiding by the rules.

Now, I've had friends ask for a particular yarn, or pattern that aren't due to be released for awhile and I've turned them down because it's not fair to those who paid for the club and paid for the right to have exclusivity to the yarns and patterns.

Am I being harsh? Maybe. I realize it may be that person's yarn (or pattern) to do with as they will once it's in their hands, but I feel that they are disrespecting everyone else in the club by destashing before its available to the general public.

Most of the time I believe rules are made to be broken, but sometimes, as in this case, they're there to enhance everyone elses experience.

That said, lookie at my latest (almost) FO!

Baby Surprise Jacket, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Marbles.

It just needs buttons!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One week

It's been one week since you looked at me,
Dropped your arms to your sides and said, "I'm sorry."
-Barenaked Ladies, One Week

This has been one insane week. I'm still trying to keep this blog in my thoughts and update it. Some weeks are better than others. :)

I finished a Queen of Beads sock, but have to wait to start on the second one, as my second Spawn of Braun Leyburn is on the needles I need.

I absolutely adore the beautiful tubular cast on. It was nerve wracking at first though, because it looks like you're taking the waste yarn out of live stitches.

The finished Leyburn:

And up close:
It's 60 sts on the foot, increased to 62 for the heel, decreased to 60 for the leg. Used a short row heel, and Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewen bind off.

I'm also part way through Cookie A.'s Marlene pattern from the Fall/Winter Knit.1. I didn't notice before I started that it's rated as advanced. No wonder I had a few issues at the beginning.

If you haven't been to the Sock Summit website yet, GO. NOW. The list of teachers is up there and it's a list of who's who in the not just sock knitting, but knitting in general. Mr. Loopy and I have decided that I'm going no matter what. We'll find a way to get me there. It will be my first trip to the west coast - I've never even been to B.C. before.

My heart seriously skipped a beat when I read the list. The vast amount of intelligence, creativity and knowledge that will be there is phenomenal. And then the market place... wow. I can't even imagine how much it's going to blow my mind.

Halifax may be a city, and it's my city, but it's still a small, isolated city. Lovely in many ways, but not as diverse as any of the other major centres. Nor as open minded.

I can't think anymore with the Simpsons blaring in my ears, so back to Marlene I go.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Knitting Etiquette

I've been thinking about knitting etiquette for awhile now - basically since my Grandfather died. I knit him a few things, especially in later years, to show him I love him and to wrap him in love while he recovered from various ailments.

This was brought to light again when I saw someone was giving away two handknit sweaters on Freecycle. I didn't message her for them though - most people are pick up only and I don't want them that bad.

Here's my knitting etiquette for when knits are no longer being used:

Do you know the hand knitter? If you do, he or she should be offered their knits back first.

The knitter may know someone else who could use the items or may want them for their collection. You will get the knitter's gratitude, and possibly even more knits in the future, because you thought of the love and work that the knitter put into the item and wanted to send it to a good home.

Please tell the knitter when you offer his or her work back to them what your alternate plans for the items will be (hand-me-down in the family.) Personally, I would take an item back rather than have it go to goodwill. Some knitters will be happy to let it go to goodwill where it will warm someone who needs it. Either way, by showing consideration for the handknit item, your knitter will be touched, and you will likely get more handknits in the future.

This was a little bendy in November when my grandfather died. My mom brought my knits back to me, but Dad claimed Grandad's alpaca socks for himself before they even made it out of my Mom's suitcase. I was fine with that on one condition - that my father not felt the socks like he did the other two pairs I made for him. The alpaca scarf that came back to me, I regifted to my Uncle John, who is getting married to my Aunt Lori. She taught me how to knit.

I'm lucky to belong to a family where handknits are prized possessions.

Friday, February 13, 2009

You can take the girl out of the Maritimes...

... but you can't take the Maritimes out of the girl.

Two of my co-workers bought live lobster today from a fisherman who was selling them for $5 a pound in 10 and 20 pound lots. I'm apparently the only person in my office who's not afraid to touch them. I even stood one on its head and rubbed it between its eyes and put it to sleep.
It looks like they want hugs, doesn't it?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I find it hard to sit still unless I'm falling asleep, knitting or reading something interesting.

2. I listen better when my hands are busy.

3. The best way to keep my hands busy and me (mostly) out of trouble is with knitting.

4. I make no promises about staying out of trouble when I am around other knitters and certain friends. ;)
5. My friends and family are my world. There are very few things I wouldn't do for them.
6. I could spend (and have spent!) hours and hours and hours in a yarn shop or a bookstore.

7. Some people find it amazing how long a couple of sticks and some string will keep me busy for.
8. I miss my parents like crazy.

9. There are close family friends that I still call Aunt and Uncle. They may not be family by blood, but they're family of the heart, which is just as important.

10. I hate pain.
11. I love teaching people how to do things.

12. I don't care for my current line of work, and am thinking about getting into soemthing else. Teaching seems to be calling me, although I think I'd want to work at a private, rather than a public school. Or doing corporate training and facilitation. I'd like to get my Myers-Briggs certification and teach workplace communication.

13. I try to buy local a lot. I'd rather pay a little more to support a local business, selling local products, than a large conglomerate selling stuff made in China that's going to fall apart in three months.

14. The large conglomerates definitely have a place in our world though - especially if you have kids who grow faster than weeds.

15. I'm trying to be more creative these days. I'm happier when I am.

16. I want to visit Greece, New Zealand/Australia and Iceland in the next 10 years. Greece before I'm 30 though.
17. I tend to be quiet and serious at work because my mouth filter is broken and I have a twisted sense of humour.

18. I'm a very touchy feely person - I love to give hugs and be hugged.

19. I try to go to the gym, not to lose weight, but so I'll have the energy to do the things I love more.

20. I try to take good care of my hands because I don't know what I'd do without them.21. I don't wear makeup, because I find it feels gross on my face.

22. I'd be happy if I could wear a hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, handknit socks, sneakers and my hair in two braids every day.
23. I like with chronic pain from TMJ. There are treatments that help me to manage it though. My weekends are usually spent catching the energy I need to get through the next week.

24. I dream of a farm with dogs, horses, alpacas, a few wool sheep (different from eating sheep), and some angora or cashmere goats. Barn kitties too. And a studio for me to dye yarn/wool and spin.

25. I find 99% of music made today manufactured and yucky. I only listen to the radio when I'm in someone's vehicle. I never turn it on by choice - I'd rather pop a CD in.

Look! Knitting!

Farmhouse Leyburns. I really, really love them. Yarn from Blue Moon.

Want more?

I love the way the heel worked out. So beautiful. More stuff to come. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

My exciting Friday night...

Well, I'm having issues with this whole "updating" thing. I'm trying though. This is better than the way out of date post from 2007. :)

Knitting has been happening a whole lot lately. Fixing my Cleopatra's Stockings (May 2008 installment from the Rockin Sock Club), finishing my Leyburns in STR (Socks that Rock) Farmhouse, and getting a few more inches put on my FIL's (Father in Law) work socks. I'm thinking of knitting another pair of Leyburns, and want to start experimenting with Cat Bordhi's Pathways book soon.

I'd post photos, except I can't get into flickr and blogger won't upload today for me. Figures eh?

And now, I'm off to doze on the couch, or knit.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I'm not the best photographer in the world. But I do take photos from time to time. I don't have access to a whole lot here at work, but here's a couple of food porn for you guys.

It's a beef (Sorry Lini!) and broccoli stir fry that I made a little while ago. It was so yummy.

And it's close-up:

I love the colour greens that broccoli and asparagus turn when they're cooked. Broccoli is a bit more yellow green, and asparagus turns to a vibrant emerald green. To be honest, i'm not a HUGE asparagus fan, but I buy it a fair bit, just so I can see the colour. Yes, I'm odd like that.

I really want to go to the Savour Food and Wine show (even though I don't drink wine), but it's just too expensive for me to justify spending money on right now. I love food, and I love good food. Fresh veggies, local bread, local meat. It's all so good. The problem is that I also love food that's not so local. Like pineapples, mangoes and other tropical fruit.

I'm super sleepy right now and my eyes are totally unfocusing on the screen and it's time to show my co-workers Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog. :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


*dusts her blog off*

Well now. That was a hiatus.

I have to admit, the idea of blogging intimidates me because I'm not a photographer, my camera sucks, and it's annoying to edit blog posts through this interface because I'm forever taking spaces out around my photos and having to rearrange them, rather than having them land where I put them.

However, thanks to a few new friends over at the International Moleskine Exchange group on Ravelry I'm going to give this another go. Bear with me if there's not a lot of photos - writing is my strong suit.

I also may not alway focus on knitting, but sometimes on things in my head that need to be said on paper. I have a number of things on my needles right now, but the project that is really holding my attention are my pair of Cleopatra's Stockings (Ravelry link), which was the May installment of the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club. The colour and the pattern are captivating.

Since it's the beginning of a new year, these are the things I'm looking forward to:
- the 2009 Rockin' Sock Club from BMFA (Blue Moon Fiber Arts - colour to dye for... Yeah, that was bad...)
- knitting more kid sized things for my 10-month-old niece
- the first birthday of said niece
- participating in the Moleskine exchange (of course!)
- trying more things like lace, and beading in my knitting
- taking continuing education courses at the local art college, including sewing and handmade books
- moving out of my apartment building, which would be much better if the management wasn't crap
- tackling (and overcoming) the challenges that I know 2009 will throw my way

If there's anything you wanna know, leave a comment, and I'll answer it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad knit blogger! Bad!

Well... it's been awhile since I've blogged because I've had very little to blog about. It seems over the past six months I've barely finished anything because each project keeps getting little things that keep setting me back. The main problem though, is that I can't seem to do basic math anymore. And by basic math, I mean counting.

The current Baby Surprise Jacket is languishing unfinished on the needles because it's been frogged four times in the past two weeks. I ripped out my Jaywalkers which were almost finished because they were just a little bit too small. I can't finish my Harlot Socks (I started them the night the Yarn Harlot was in town) because I ran out of Artyarns Ultramerino 6, colour 114. There's now more coming from the States.

I'm working on Christmas prezzies bit by bit and a sample sock for The Loop, which was frogged itself a couple of times.

Here's what's currently in progress:

The Loop's sample sock done in Trekking Pro Natura. The pattern is Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt, from Interweave's Favourite Socks.

This is the Christmas scarf for my brother's girlfriend, done in a garter rib. Very simple and lovely. This is a skein of yarn that I bought from Belfast Mini Mills when I was in PEI in August. It's a 50-50 blend of merino and kid mohair.

And finally, the BSJ that I keep trying to count on. Perhaps it's trying to tell me something?

Hopefully one or all of these projects will be finished this week, while I'm on vacation!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The sun only shines when I'm stuck inside...

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. The sunlight on the days I've had off has been horrible so I can't take any photos of yarn that I've been spinning or projects I've been knitting. My apartment is also a bloody mess (not literally).

My grandfather had a stroke almost two weeks ago so I'm knitting him a teddy bear out of Manos Cotton Stria. It's hard because he's in Toronto and knitting for him makes me feel less helpless. He's recovering well though.

I've also been asked to do some test knitting for a local designer. I'm pretty excited about it too. I should be getting the kit on Monday. I can't wait to see what it will be.

I'm starting to get a mild case of startitis - socks, teddy bear, garter stitch squares, and I'm trying to resist the lure of Rusted Root and the Anemoi Mittens. I'm not sure how much longer I can resist against such beautiful and promising projects.

I just finished a hank of yarn, chain-plied (aka navajo plying), spun from Fleece Artist silk and wool top in various shades of blue and turquoise. When the light is better, I'll take photos.