Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Horror

That is a photo of the terrifying damage done to Mr. Loopy's Sweet Georgia socks, after the third wearing. His feet, combined with his work boots ate them. I don't think these are fixable.

But they're not being thrown away. The other sock isn't quite as bad as this. It only has a tiny hole.

See the fuzz on the heels - that's not the camera not focusing properly. That is superwash wool fulling/felting. To me, this is just... unbelievable. Has anyone else seen superwash wool full before?

Mom's Christmas 2006 socks are coming along okay. I'm done the heel on the first sock and starting to just cruise along the foot. Here's a photo of the finished pair of (too small) socks.

And here's a photo of the sock in progress.

Most of my socks are knit using the two circular needle method, however, because I'm itching to start a second pair of socks, I'm thinking about starting a pair on my birch dpns, with either Trekking, my handspun or a marled rainbow yarn I got from Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay last fall.

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meegiemoo said...

Oh my god! Those socks are totally frelled! Bad boyfriend, bad!