Friday, February 6, 2009

My exciting Friday night...

Well, I'm having issues with this whole "updating" thing. I'm trying though. This is better than the way out of date post from 2007. :)

Knitting has been happening a whole lot lately. Fixing my Cleopatra's Stockings (May 2008 installment from the Rockin Sock Club), finishing my Leyburns in STR (Socks that Rock) Farmhouse, and getting a few more inches put on my FIL's (Father in Law) work socks. I'm thinking of knitting another pair of Leyburns, and want to start experimenting with Cat Bordhi's Pathways book soon.

I'd post photos, except I can't get into flickr and blogger won't upload today for me. Figures eh?

And now, I'm off to doze on the couch, or knit.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

But you did and posted, woot... Still wanna see picures one of these days.