Friday, July 24, 2009

Rules that matter...

Lately on Ravelry, I've been getting a little irate looking at destash boards (and sometimes the sell or trade stash feature), because of what some people are destashing.

I belong to a sock club. Part of the rules of signing up for this particular club is that the company will not sell the club colour or pattern to the general public for an entire year. Your part of the deal is not to sell or trade club colours outside the club for the same calendar year (ie. the shipment you receive in May, will not be sold until May the following year.) Lately I've been seeing club colours being sold or traded to people outside the club, which in my opinion cheapens the club for everyone else abiding by the rules.

Now, I've had friends ask for a particular yarn, or pattern that aren't due to be released for awhile and I've turned them down because it's not fair to those who paid for the club and paid for the right to have exclusivity to the yarns and patterns.

Am I being harsh? Maybe. I realize it may be that person's yarn (or pattern) to do with as they will once it's in their hands, but I feel that they are disrespecting everyone else in the club by destashing before its available to the general public.

Most of the time I believe rules are made to be broken, but sometimes, as in this case, they're there to enhance everyone elses experience.

That said, lookie at my latest (almost) FO!

Baby Surprise Jacket, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Marbles.

It just needs buttons!


dontcareravelry said...

I LOVE this sweater. I miss my little one being truly little :(

I agree with you the exlusive club rules. You signed up for something special, and it cheapens the experience to break the rules.

Wicked said...

As a budding yarnie, and someone who is debating having clubs, and also someone who has partaken in some exclusive sock clubs.. I can completely empathize with your feelings in this matter.

I think the 1 and only exception to the rule is where you are "Gifting" the yarn to someone else. (Meaning in a swap or something like that) Simply because in that instance you are not asking for money or yarn to trade, you are giving away a gift and that to me is acceptable.

Normally I don't go into any Destash threads unless its a very specific Yarn brand that I am getting rid of or want. (But since I'm on an extreme yarn diet other than my own hand dyed... I really never hit those destash threads)

That is an adorable sweater!

Jerrica said...

Hope you don't mind my popping in for a sec!!!

I completely get what you mean. Really, it doesn't seem at all harsh or unacceptable to be doing this - you worked hard to pay for and participate in something special and deserve to reap the rewards AND ENJOY THEM and the exclusivity for a short time. A year isn't all that long, when you think about it.

That being said, if I'm a spaz and asking for a pattern it's usually innocent enough on my part - and may be on other's too (not that I can speak for all but I tend to be a bit ditzy sometimes and don't realize, you know?) --- in fact I am often just curious and content to drool over the goodies or thought of them and wait patiently until I can get them myself in any case. Yarns are little treasures - and unique hand-dyed art - they shouldn't be in destash within such a short time, that's really quite a sin (now that being said I'd totally understand folks snapping them up mind you but still. Right you are, shouldn't happen).

If I do absolutely love love love a patt or yarn, I don't mind waiting a year to get a copy either, and will often just buy it myself when it comes out.

I think most folks are like that - but yeah if I saw the special yarns on Rav for destash I'd want to hang them by their desocked toes too.


*hugs you* ADORABLE sweater babe! Is this the one you put those adorable baby buttons we saw recently in The Loop, on? Aww!

Anonymous said...

Can I ask how long it took you to knit one of those? (A BSJ I mean.)

It looks great, and I am tempted to change my Knitting Olympic "event".

janeyknitting (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca
(Change bracketed caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)

Feltmaker said...

Hi Hope (waves) nice colours ! Fx

Leslie said...

I am with you on the aggro of cheapened exclusivity.